XLE ETF: A Bullish Signal Emerges – Are New Highs on the Horizon?


The Bullish Oversold Signal

Catching a trend reversal or identifying an oversold condition can be a game-changer for traders and investors alike. On September 21, our Piker signal alerted us to an intriguing opportunity in the ETF XLE, which tracks the Energy Select Sector. In this article, we’ll delve into why this signal is causing a stir and why it might be time to consider a bullish stance on XLE.

On September 21, our piker signal for the ETF XLE flagged an oversold condition, indicating a strong chance of reversing any downward price action and being bullish.

Short-Term Support at 89.30

Adding to the intrigue of the oversold signal, XLE was trading near short-term support at $89.30. This level had been significant in recent trading sessions, acting as a buffer against further declines. But what makes this support level even more compelling is its historical significance, as it aligns with strong support on the monthly chart.

Monthly Chart Strength

Zooming out to the monthly chart, we observe that $89.30 is not just a recent support level; it has also served as a robust support zone in the past. This confluence of short-term and long-term support levels suggests that XLE has found a solid foothold at this price point.

A Classic Pullback Scenario

When we put all these pieces together, we find ourselves in a classic pullback scenario after a breakout. XLE had been on an uptrend, and the recent decline appears to be a healthy correction rather than a trend reversal. This is a common occurrence in markets, where assets often pause or retreat temporarily after a strong upward move.

The Road to New Highs

So, what’s next for XLE? Given the bullish oversold signal, the proximity to short-term and long-term support, and the classic pullback pattern, there’s a compelling case to be made for a bullish outlook. If history is any indicator, this setup could be setting XLE and the energy sector up for another move above the $92-$93 range, potentially paving the way for new highs.


In the world of finance, opportunities often arise when others are panicking. Our piker signal’s identification of an oversold condition in the XLE ETF on September 21, with a strong chance of reversing any downward price action and being bullish, coupled with the strong support levels at $89.30, creates a compelling case for a potential rally. This appears to be a classic pullback after a breakout, which could set the stage for XLE and the energy sector to soar to new heights. As always, it’s essential to conduct thorough research and consider your risk tolerance before making any investment decisions, but the signs are certainly pointing in a bullish direction for XLE.

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