What is The Piker Signal

Unlike other systems or trading groups, our signal has been backtested and show to market when the markets will reverse its current trend.

Tried and True

The Piker Signal has been traded and backtested and has the data behind it.

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It is Profitable

The Signal has been traded and even back tested to show it’s profitability.

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Helps Your Trading

By knowing accurate market infliction points you can trade better and smarter.

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Buy & Sell

Use the Strategy to enter options, ETF or individual stocks. Get Your Stocks Backtest by us

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Its Cheap

Your signal is priced so anyone can afford it. If we don’t have 3 accurate signals. Get your money back

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No Discord or Real Time Trading Needed

Our Signal and its returns are based on end of the day signals. You don’t need to be locked in a Discord serve or looking at charts all day to use the system

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