Do you have a Trading System?

Do you know when to buy or sell in the market? Are you able to place trades knowing where the market could go. The Piker Trader signal indentifies key overbought and oversold signals in the market. Giving us Pikers an edge in an unfair market. It was also designed for part-time traders that can’t make 500 trades a month and follow real-time trades.

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About our Signal

A Signal that evolves with the markets

Our signal is not based on out of date techincal inidcators with a static level or relies on crosses of lines. Our Signal moves with the market constantly adjusting these levels

Overbought and Oversold conditions that move with the market not static lines

Each Sector has indiviualized Overbought and Oversold levels based on 20years of back tested data

Signal is based on on Supply and Demand not price which moves the market

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Mulitple Markets

Our Signal works on the S&P 500, Nasdaq, Dow and 10 different ETFs (XLF, XLV, XLU, XLI, XLY and more to come)

Low Cost

Your Signal is priced for the average trader. Making you a better trader shouldn’t cost you

Trade Better

Trade with an edge knowing long-term trends, key pivot points in the market

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